• aluminium rods ec
    ALUMINIUM EC RODS Our Aluminium EC Grade 1350 rods from a wide range of tempers and diameters. Light, strong, reliable. Here you will find one right for your industry's needs. READ MORE
  • aluminium alloy rods
    ALUMINIUM ALLOY RODS Our Aluminium alloys have specifications ranging from applications suitable for the recreational industry to heavy strength overhead electrical conductors. READ MORE
  • solid sector aluminium conductor
    SOLID SECTOR ALUMINIUM CONDUCTOR Made from Aluminium EC 1350. Suitable for low voltage conductor for underground installations. READ MORE
  • thermal resistance aluminium alloy
    THERMAL RESISTANCE ALUMINIUM ALLOY Thermal Resistance Aluminiums Alloy, Grade AT1 (60 TAL) possess superior conductivity while reducing cost of ownership. Efficient at high temperatures. READ MORE
We count big national and international groups among our clients. Our ready-made and tailor-made solutions have helped our clients in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, Oceania, North & South America with the most challenging applications.

Today, the brand name Leader Universal Aluminium has gained worldwide recognition for its product excellence.